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Upcoming Activities

Credit Committee Training and Mentorship (CTAM) Program
From Monday 23 March 2020 -  08:00am
To Friday 27 March 2020 - 05:00pm
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Program description

This program focuses on the lending cycle and the different lending methodologies and products in SACCOs today. These differences present opportunities and challenges both from the SACCO point of view and the borrowers’ point of view. The skills to tap the opportunities and manage challenges associated with building a quality loan portfolio and maximising member value from the loan products and services are the central focus of this program.

In lending, the product and process design is crucial: products must be simple, with low entry barriers; decentralized structures to facilitate quick and low-cost loan processing; loan decisions based on proper character assessment and cash flow analysis; collateral and guarantee system used to put pressure on the borrower rather than to fully secure a loan. Administrative costs kept low to ensure a low cost of credit for members and good borrowers kept loyal through incentives. There is need to manage the trade off the trade-off between managing risks and costs.

Participants of the CTAM program will have a clear picture of practical lending approaches including their challenges for the SACCO and members, familiarise with the loan cycle and its steps, interpret the three financial elements with regards to loan decision and be able to calculate relevant ratios.

The program entails going through each step of the loan cycle and discussing all tasks and duties of the lending process in detail. The program contains;

  • How to carry out a proper loan analysis.
  • How to do effective site visits,
  • How to assess the character of the loan applicant and what to take into consideration when assessing his business and family income.
  • The ratios and tools important for the credit analysis; calculation and interpretation
  • Loan monitoring which includes a set of practical tips to support the loan officer in his daily work.
  • Dealing with problem loans and delinquency management.
  • Practical solutions for handling difficult borrowers
  • Certificate of competence as a SACCO loan Manager

Training Methodology

This course utilizes a range of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes group discussions, facilitated case studies, presentations and team-based exercises. Each session allows you to develop your skills and apply them to your SACCO to analyze the effectiveness of your current approach and your plans for its further development.

Who Should Attend?

Loan committee members

Credit Managers & loan Officers

Costs of the training

Full Loan committee (3) - 2,000,000 Ugx

Individual participants - 750,000 Ugx

(Includes accommodation, meals and training materials)



Introduction, Scope and Basic Concepts in credit

  • The meaning of Credit
  • Individual and Group lending
  • Credit risk
  • Cost of funds and Cost of Credit
  • Case study for group work


Loan products, promotion and application procedures

  • Products review, refinement and development procedures
  • Marketing strategies for loans
  • Individual and Group application processes and procedures
  • Agricultural loans application and analysis
  • Business and consumption loans application and analysis
  • Online loan application and analysis
  • Case example for analysis and discussion


Loan analysis

  • Individual and Group loan analysis
  • Agricultural loans analysis
  • Character assessment
  • Business assessment
  • Collateral and guarantee assessment
  • Case example for analysis and discussion
  • Case study for group work


Loan decisions and loan administration

  • Loan officers report and report assessment
  • Deciding on loan amount, purpose and Duration
  • Repayment scheduling and disbursements
  • Loan documentation
  • Case example for analysis and discussion
  • Case study


 Loan monitoring and delinquency management

  • Daily loan repayment tracking,
  • Environment monitoring,
  • Customer monitoring.
  • Key Ratios and tools for loan monitoring
  • Sound practices and tools for delinquency management

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